What to Expect

What is it?

Studio20: Engaging Learners Online is a new virtual event offered by BCcampus that will be held on November 17–19, 2020.

Studio20 will explore the art of engaging learners online and feature keynotes and facilitators focusing on the themes of vision, voice, and active learning.

The event will feature three days of online sessions in a mix of modes to provide opportunities for you to play with teaching strategies and approaches, share with fellow educators and students, and connect socially.

Guided by studio-based learning, Studio20 will provide you with opportunities for learning that focuses on:

  • Activities and application of knowledge
  • Places for collaboration and co-creation
  • Problem-based and iterative inquiry

Who is this for?

Studio20 is for B.C. post-secondary educators, staff, and students, but will be of interest to anyone facilitating or instructing online who wants to explore ways to make learning more engaging for participants.

What can you expect?

Studio20 will follow the framework of Inspire – Explore – Create Share.

Each day will begin with a keynote to spark thinking on the themes of vision, voice, or active learning as an approach to increase learner engagement.

Following each keynote session, there will be studio sessions focused on exploring thematic concepts and providing dedicated time for hands-on or guided practice in real time.

In addition, there will be areas in the Studio20 event space for further exploration of ideas through group discussions, virtual exhibits, and networking.

Throughout the event, you will be invited to share the things you create — as well as your teaching and learning experiences, ideas, and strategies — by:

  • Posting to a Studio20 group discussion
  • Using the Studio20 SPLOT tool
  • Sharing on the Studio20 internal activity feed
  • Sharing on social media using #Studio20BC

What do you need to bring?

Studio20 invites you to bring a flexible and playful mindset as we explore and create in a safe and enjoyable learning space. You will be encouraged to follow your interests, make choices, and be fully present in the things you decide to do. Feel free to just do what you can and what fits into your schedule. To get the most from this experience, we invite reciprocity and an openness to learn from and with each other.

Studio20 Extras (Yes, there will be fun and games!)

To promote a sense of community and for good ol’ lighthearted fun, Studio20 will offer a pre-event morning radio show. Stay tuned …

Put your game face on, as there will be opportunities to compete, win, and shop in our Studio20 swag store!

You will also have the chance to offer a creative session to Studio20 attendees to share a hobby and connect socially while teaching and learning something interesting and fun. These will be scheduled as optional activities in the early evening on Days 1 and 2.